#05 GRECO EG58-120

EG58-120 Mint Collection MODEL (1983)

dsc00111.jpg dsc00001.jpg dsc00009.jpg

dsc00335.jpg dsc00003.jpg dsc00319.jpg

dsc00555.jpg dsc00325.jpg dsc00329.jpg

dsc00317.jpg dsc00316.jpg dsc00315.jpg

dsc00338.jpg dsc00340.jpg dsc00345.jpg

dsc00366.jpg dsc00355.jpg dsc00357.jpg


dsc03105.jpg dsc03101.jpg dsc03110.jpg

dsc00396.jpg dsc00398.jpg dsc00380.jpg

dsc00390.jpg dsc00378.jpg

dsc00377.jpg dsc00375.jpg

dsc00371.jpg dsc00372.jpg dsc00370.jpg



in a good condition
brazilian rosewood fingerboard
fret edge bindings
medium neck profile – quite small heel
long tenon
1piece maho neck
2piece maho body back
2piece maple top with real flame maple veneer on top
non orig. neck pickup/ bridge pu should be dry82

note; flat center top profile


special: bridge cavity marking says – 11/15
keeps me wondering if this is a special run or a shop order model?


i’m not 100% sure of this model so

this could be some other model as well?!



  1. Yeah looks to be a EG58-120. The Mint Collection EG59-100’s did not have a Super Real neck on them and thus no fret binding like yours. I too have a 120 with fret binding but mine is an 1982 transitional model so it still says Super Real on the headstock. Same burst color as yours however. Not sure of those pickups but they could be the Dry 82’s like mine but those lost their stickers perhaps? Cheers

    • ok thanks, the neck pickup is not dry82, that’s for sure…
      the reading of the bridge_pu is almost the same
      as on my other two eg58_dry82s and the tone/sound comes very near to be orig. dry82 bridge too…

  2. LOL, I just received SN# 3 4364 today here in Tokyo! Looks like part of the same batch. I looked in the P/U cavities earlier and no stickers on the pickups but they both have braided wire. Also had I believe a 1/15 in one cavity but I will have to check to make sure. Mine has a few more dents thank yours and a bit of a headstock crack that may need some fixing but the pickups sound great. Mine is missing original bridge/tailpiece though.

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