JV SQUIER SST-50 (1982) by fender japan

dsc70261.jpg dsc70266.jpg dsc70265.jpg

dsc70274.jpg dsc70277.jpg dsc70276.jpg

dsc70278.jpg dsc70277.jpg dsc70257.jpg


dsc70052.jpg dsc70025.jpg dsc70039.jpg

dsc70038.jpg dsc70040.jpg dsc70003.jpg

dsc70056.jpg dsc70024.jpg dsc70045.jpg

dsc70014.jpg dsc70016.jpg dsc70027.jpg

dsc70006.jpg dsc70026.jpg dsc70008.jpg

dsc70013.jpg dsc70020.jpg dsc70043.jpg

dsc70007.jpg dsc70030.jpg

dsc70034.jpg dsc70037.jpg

dsc70012.jpg dsc70011.jpg

dsc70228.jpg dsc70227.jpg dsc70225.jpg

dsc70248.jpg dsc70152.jpg dsc70192.jpg

dsc70176.jpg dsc70169.jpg dsc70168.jpg

dsc70181.jpg dsc70158.jpg dsc70183.jpg

dsc70215.jpg dsc70205.jpg dsc70196.jpg

dsc70204.jpg dsc70203.jpg dsc70221.jpg

dsc70216.jpg dsc70212.jpg dsc70207.jpg

dsc70210.jpg dsc70209.jpg dsc70208.jpg

you can view this beautiful instrument also on HERE!

near mint
3tone sunburst / poly finish
maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, C-profile neck
2piece alder body
vintage style tremolo with ‘fender’ stamped saddless and zinc alloy block
(D)-stamped into the neck pocket which indicates domestic model JV-Squier
3-way (DM-30) pickup selector switch(commonly found on guitars from 1982)
excellent SQ-5 hot Rod pickups (Japan)
vintage Kluson style tuners


Note: this is a top of the line domestic JV Squier model(not export model)
with “modern” style radius and good quality harware/parts,
most of the export models has more “correct” vintage specs
incl. 7.25″ radius and U.S. made (vintage cloth wire) pickups,
rosewood fingerboard models were ’62 strat copies and maple necks
were ’57 copies


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