EPIPHONE Elite SG ’61 Reissue Faded (2004)
by Gibson Japan

in mint condition
and light as a feather
color: WB (worn brown)
2piece mahogany body
1piece mahogany neck
rosewood fingerboard, 24.75″ scale
round neck profile
nickel hardware
USA Classic pickups
orig. hardcase




  1. Love that guitar. Are you selling it?

  2. not for sale … thanks for asking

  3. Hello :
    i pay 600 euros cash for your guitar.

  4. in your dreams, haha …

    not for sale

  5. 1000€ offered but believe me > not for sale, lol

    thanks Juan!

  6. thanks for posting this. Today I was browsing the local store when I found this used for CDN 400. I thought it was a fake but kept on thinking on it.
    Went back home, googled it, found your site, realized my mistake, went back running to the store and got it!
    It is a fantastic axe!

  7. did you mean in Canadian Dollars then it makes about 250€??
    that’s what i call a real bargain, congrats!
    is it with open book heastock too?

  8. hmmm… nop…this is the one with ‘bump’ headstock. I’ve read that this is intended to follow the Epiphone Masterbuilt shape. Not sure if that makes it more valuable or not…

  9. I’ve never seen this guitar with this headstock. Are there any other differences between this & the models w/the standard Elitist headstock?

  10. Hi my friend and now … Its for sale 800 now
    Contact me

  11. hi juan, believe me not for sale…sorry

  12. Hi, and now is for sale ???

    • sorry, no

  13. Hi my friend
    I never forget me if i sell this guitar
    You have my email

    Of France.

  14. Im here … i cant forget me if one sell

    Juan of France

    • ok =)

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