#21 ObyG LPS-59R

Orville By Gibson LPS-R (1995)
’59 re-issue by Gibson Japan

















in excellent condition




  1. That is hands down the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen! I’m completely stunned!
    It wouldn’t happen to be for sale? haha 😀
    They seem very hard to find. How much was yours?

  2. thanks for your comments Oscar! 🙂

    Oh yes ObG’59 Reissue (LPS-R ’59) is much more rare than regular
    standard version ObG (LPS).
    Reissues were made only between the late 1992 to early 1995,
    that makes two to three years.
    I was lucky/quick enough to catch this one, not a bargain but very close!
    I would like to say this was a good deal (as always, lol).

    not for sale…sorry

  3. Can you prove the guitar to be LPS-59R?
    I have LPS-59R with written guarantee.

  4. Yes, no problem…

    Original guarantee card and the rest of the original parts including pickguard (still plastic shield on) are somewhere here, please just give me a couple of days…

    Hanimaru please do tell me what makes you think that this is not a LPS-59R model??

  5. Thank you for your answer.

    No one can specify the product name only by the serial number except Yamano gakki.

    I have two “LPS-59R”s srial no. “3 23xx””5 72xx”.
    Both are good guitars.
    Your “LPS-59R” have great “Flame top” than mine.
    I envy your guitar.

  6. thanks mate, lol

    to specify/identify “LPS-59R” model,
    i always look/search the ones with:

    “blank” truss rod cover
    no pickguard installed/no screw holes
    gibson ’57 classic pickups

    (from the late ’92 to early ’95)

    btw. have you got both of your 59Rs with “flame top”?
    i think your 1993 reissue is more valuable than mine,
    any pictures??

  7. Thank you for showing the picture of guarantee card.
    I apologize for the suspicion of you.

    I got both of my “LPS-59R”s with “flame top” in Japan 1994 for 85,000yen each.
    In Japan at that time,”ObG” guitars(new article) were sold at chiep prices.

    I’ll show you the picture(s) of “3 23xx” one of these days.
    Please wait…..

    I’ve lost the written guarantee card of “3 23xx”
    but I keep the guarantee of “5 21xx”(I’ve made a mistake in the serial number).

    Why is “LPS-59R” made in 1993 valuable?

  8. i think ObG 59Rs from 1993-1994 are “more” valuable (not much but anyway) because they were “on top of their game” in that period and the build quality was just amazing…

  9. Please tell me the difference of “1993-1994” and the others.
    I wanna find the difference,comparing both.

  10. Oh no no don’t get it wrong, there’s no much differences (if anything
    at all?) but what i was trying to say was…the era of 1993-94 is much
    more regarded than the other ObG periods…
    mainly because of the more correct construction and detail,
    plus built quality was on amazingly good level in that period!
    that’s why they’re “more” valuable, i think…

  11. Hi
    Interested in your guitar. Whats the price?
    Do you ship to sweden?
    Best regards

    • hi Ermin, not for sale at the moment…but who knows? tack

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