#20 ObyG LPS-FM

Orville By Gibson LPS-FM (1991) with 2piece solid flamemaple top
by Gibson Japan

in a good condition
now upgraded with Bareknucle PG-Blues pickups
+ new CTS-pots and Luxe Bumblebee capasitors
+ shrunken/aged Fake58 Kluson tuners
+ faber kit, incl. aged aluminium tailpiece and bridge (brass saddles)



  1. Hi there
    just wondering what this obg is worth. And how would you compare it with an epiphone elitist?


    • hi fredrik, i think my elitist LP and this LP are very close each other what comes to the weight, neck profile, resonance and playability…
      but somehow i feel like that my old ObG has a little more mojo on whole range (due to thin nitro lacquer finish or older wood?) and is a little more comfortable for me overall…real blues beast with those PGs!
      value of this LP is somewhere over a grand … at least, lol

  2. Hi- traded last week- have a nice, orville ( no made by g…) , cherry single cut junior, ink # starts w/ 4, approx-1988-1998 period, killer guitar, sounds/plays fabulous. have no idea how many, how much its worth ar anything. have seen a few but not exactly- they were made by …, on headstock. this cherry is more red , and prety- A+ fit and finish also. any help would be appreciated.-love this thing.. suspect it is a not for export model. thx,-john.

    • Hi John,
      I think your Orville LP Junior SC is a 1994-model. I bought a 1995 LP Junior double cut cherry by Orville, serial-# starts with ‘5’. Very deep cherry color too. Changed pots & caps and added a Faber alu-Stoptail: PERFECT!I posted the guitar here:

  3. Hi,

    I’ve found an alleged LPS-FM for sale online and wanted to ask a few questions.

    The one I am looking at has fret-edge binding/nibs, while yours appears not to have. Is it the case that nibs came as factory standard and yours has had a refret at some point, or was it always like that?

    Also, how many pieces is the back on yours made of, and what sort of tenon is it sporting?


    • Hi Andy, the bindings/nibs were factory standard on
      LPS-57C, LPS-59R and SG-61R (reissue models) between
      the late ’92 and early ’95 and i think some other “higher grade”
      models like special orders or some special limited runs from
      that same era got those nibs too…

      The model I have has a G111-serial (1991-11 Terada)
      so it’s kind of pre LPS-FM model (I think LPS-FM models were
      first launched on 1991 or 1992?) with two piece back and
      a “medium long” tenon. Terada G, J and K serial guitars featured
      a different mixture of medium, medium long and long tenon neck joints.

      btw. don’t know if it has beens re-fretted in some point,
      but there’s a very small nibs (nicely finished with the file) on both
      ends of the frets, so this could mean that it was re-fretted,

      thanks for asking…

  4. Please sell me all your Orville’s 🙂 They’re beautiful!!!


  5. Hi

    I’ve been trying to work out a way to contact you and this seems to be the only one.

    I have lustered after this solid topped ObG for almost 2 years and would like to make you a serious offer on it to take it off your hands.
    I would happy to purchase it without the Bareknuckle pickups as I have a pair of my own to put in.

    Please get back to me by email: brian.mageel@gmail.com

  6. hi there
    really interested in making a serious offer on this LPS-FM Orville.
    please get back to me at brian.mageel@gmail.com

    Many thanks

  7. OMG, is that on sell? 🙂

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