#03 GRECO EG-900



EG900 Super Real MODEL (1981)


near mint
nitro finish
indian rosewood fingerboard
fret edge bindings
1piece fat neck – large heel
deep neck joint
2 or 3piece maho back
2piece maple top
dimarzio “PAF”


now with greco Dry-Z pickups




  1. Hi,
    your collection is fantastic! I´m a big fan of the japanese Guitars from the 1975-to-1995-era and have a small collection of some ‘originals’ (Burny,Greco,Tokai)and some ‘follow-ups’ like an Edwards Les Paul. Here is a pic of my Greco EG-700 T from 1975:

    It´s a superb Les Paul-model, a so-called ‘transition-model’ without a serial-#! I bought her at ‘Crazyparts-Hailwood Guitars’-Germany in 2006. The condition was ‘rocked’, I changed the chrome-Hardware to aged nickel-parts. I added an ‘Faber’ alu-stoptail from Gregor Hilden, the pickup-covers are from ‘David Barfuss-Pickups’, Germany.
    Now the look is perfect. The nicely ambered clearcoat looks like thin honey when the sun shines on her in the right angle. The originally installed U-2000 PU´s let her ring or growl like the famous Gibson ‘T-Top’-pickups! It´s a honduran-mahogany pancake-body with a 2pc-solid maple-top and has a slim 3pc-maple-neck (Gibsons ‘NORLIN-era’-construction). The brazilian rosewood-fretboard is very dark, has fret-edge-binding and old grover rotomatics are installed. This early ´75-version does not have a headstock-logo. The ‘Super Real’-models started in 1976.

    THANX for sharing your wonderful guitar-collection!

    Best regards,


  2. thx for the info Ralf, you’ve got some nice axes too!


  3. Hi – very nice Greco – I just stumbled upon this site – are any of these guitars for sale as I would like to buy ths one?? Thanks, regards Ste

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